'Joy', The Giraffe

'Joy', The Giraffe

'Joy', The Giraffe

Acrylic, charcoal and pen on collaged background


56 x 76 x 4 cms

This whimsical painting was an experiment using a collaged patchwork background representing the distinctive markings on a giraffe's body. A giraffe signifies things that inspire and raise your spirit. Here, she is smiling and makes me happy which is why I called the work ‘Joy’. A giraffe is also known as ‘Africa’s gentle giant’ and symbolizes grace, peace, individuality, protection, communication, perception, and farsightedness. This gentle creature, with its long neck reaching into the heavens, symbolizes the ability to see the future and obtain things that seem out of reach. A giraffe signifies standing out from among all the rest, being strong, optimistic, and fearless, expressing your identity with pride.

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