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My work has developed and matured over the years. Previously, it covered an eclectic range of subjects, styles, and techniques because I was discovering myself as an artist and, though I like exploring new subjects and ways of creating art, I am consolidating my works to develop a distinctive brand. Nature is the main inspiration for my work and I’m building a collection of nature inspired paintings and drawings. I enjoy capturing scenes of natural beauty from wide, sweeping vastness of colour in landscapes, sunsets and sunrises to intricate, delicate details in flowers, solid, rusticity of trees and real, imagined or whimsical depictions of animals. Flowers are a recurring subject because they are acknowledged to be symbolic of human emotions such as gratitude, love, loyalty, support - qualities that motivate me so when I feel an emotional need, I paint a flower to represent that need. Similarly, animals and birds hold a symbolic significance representing major values and traits of human emotions. Essentially, my work represents the concept of life and living and could be viewed as a collection of the beautiful and the ordinary. It is an appreciation of the contrasts between the man-made and the natural. In contrast to the theme of Nature, I am also inspired to paint people and urban landscapes. The motivation comes from the nostalgia for my own heritage and also the heritage of other communities, and moreover, having been born and brought up in towns and cities, I have a deep interest in urban life. I love to observe people, capturing moments in time, the atmosphere of an event and a place busy with human activity and existence such as cafes, festivals and carnivals in paintings and drawings. Travel is another huge influence where my experience of countries like Bali, India and New York are captured in simple, watercolour and pastel sketches and are an inspiration for future collections.   

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