Artist Statement - My Philosophy - Why I Do What I Do

I practice Art because I see it as an opportunity to capture things, situations, events for posterity in their original state or bloom before time dissipates it. I create works that represent real objects and are an impression of how the object appears to me rather than a photographic representation of that reality. The work exists because if I find something interesting in the composition of a subject, I have to capture it in an art form. This ranges from animals and birds in intriguing poses, landscapes with a central focus, the shapes made by plants or leaves on a tree to the image of a bunch of flowers in a vase or studying the form and textures of boughs, rocks or stones. My art is an homage to, and an appreciation of the natural world. Plants and animals embody the essential concept of life and death and therefore echoes the human state. So, essentially, my work represents the concept of life and living and could be viewed as a collection of the beautiful and the ordinary in our world, an appreciation of the man-made and the natural. My artworks convey how I see, feel and interpret the experience of being alive and being human and also an expression of my personality which comes through in my choice of subject matter and style. I view life as a journey and capturing nature in art form is a spiritual, empathetic act. I regard art as a form of therapy because when I paint, I can be my true self. Ultimately, I want my work to be a lasting record of my life and my experiences and to show that I have observed and responded to the world directly and honestly, without agendas.

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