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Anjana Dey-Clark is a semi-professional artist based in Leeds. She pursues art whilst juggling the roles of being a mother, wife and teacher. She has painted and drawn ever since she could hold a pencil, drawing, doodling and painting, finding a canvas on paper, fabric, walls ...anything. Born in Calcutta, India, Anjana came to England aged 4 and a half. Anjana was a happy child and her love of drawing continued here. One of the best presents that she ever got for birthdays and Christmasses was a giant set of felt tip pens with which she would draw and doodle with pride. At school, art was a consistent subject and her favourite time of day was when she was allowed to draw and paint. After doing O level and A level art, she considered doing an art degree but in the end opted for a degree in English and Media. Anjana did a few jobs in offices, shops and the media eventually deciding on a career in teaching which she did for 28 years. All through this time, art remained a constant factor which she did as a hobby or at night classes. Recently, discovering she had more time on her hands with her family growing up and working only occasionally as a supply teacher, Anjana grasped the opportunity to study for an Art Degree. She achieved an excellent grade which gave her confidence and self-belief in her abilities as an artist. Anjana is always evolving as an artist so she undertakes various courses to consolidate and enhance her practice and develop her creative, academic and professional skills and knowledge. Anjana’s early works were design orientated with an illustrative quality and eclectic in terms of style and subject, but over the years they have developed into mature, rounded pieces. Anjana enjoys exploring new techniques and mediums though works predominantly in acrylic and oils. Her style is identified in larger pieces by expressive brushstrokes, bold colours and visibly defined textures. In her smaller works control replaces passion with finer brushstrokes and softer tonal variations. Currently, she is working on self-initiated projects to build a current, cohesive and comprehensive portfolio of work. Anjana created her own website and social media pages which she manages and updates regularly and she enters competitions and artist call outs for exhibitions. As well as selling online, Anjana attends and sells her work at local art fairs and galleries and takes on private and commercial commissions.

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